Why should you build your business with Waxdale?

Because we are a planetary company with a great understanding of the Canadian and North American market and because we understand how creative future Indian entrepreneurs are and we want to help them achieve their vision. Below are some statistics from the Canadian market.


The number of provinces (states) in Canada.

37.06 Milion

The population of Canada.

2.06 Milion

The total population in Toronto, Canada’s most populous city.


Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary are Canada’s 5 major cities.


Nominal: $1.820 trillion
Purchasing Power Parity: $1.931 trillion

Labour Force

20 million


$416.6 billion

GDP Per Capita

Nominal: $48,601
Purchasing Power Parity: $51,546


$390.1 billion

FDI Stock

Inward: $956.0 billion
Outward: $1.219 trillion

Start-Up Visa

Build your startup with Waxdale and we will help you qualify for Start-Up Visa, which is a program for foreign startup owners who would like to immigrate to Canada. Canada is looking to bring within its borders innovative startups from around the world. Waxdale is a professional organization in building innovative startups.

Our Process

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